Coming to an End

For my second to last week, much of my tasks were more of the same. I wrote press releases for a couple of books written by authors that we would like to have come visit for events, so I worked on a few of those proposals. I also sent a few galley mailings with the other intern; I’m excited to see the reader demographics for our release of Dorothy Hughe’s “In a Lonely Place,” which was one of the first crime noir novels that helped bring attention to that genre and helped popularize the psychological thriller in these murder mysteries, as well as Barbara Comyn’s “The Juniper Tree,” which is a retelling of the Grimms Brothers fairy tale of the same name. These two authors have very interesting oeuvres, and I’m excited to recommend them to my friends who are interested in those genres. I wrote a press release for Ahmed Rashid’s “The Resurgence of Central Asia,” which we are publishing with a new introduction by the author; this was trickier than some of the other press releases I’ve had to write, as I know less about Central Asia than other regions of the world, and wanted to make sure I got it right. 

I also helped the mailing for Voices in the Dark by Ulli Lust, which is a graphic novel based on the novel by Marcel Beyer; while we had only exactly the amount of copies that needed to be sent out so I couldn’t take one to read myself, I got the chance to flip through it and it looked super interesting: it tells the tale of a sound engineer obsessed with recording human voices, and his job takes him into the house of Joseph Goebbels, where he befriends Goebbels’ eldest daughter, who is only beginning to suspect that horror that she is surrounded by. 

As a quick break from some of the writing work, I was given another task, which I hadn’t ever worked on before — wrapping presents! NYRB has several gift baskets / collections that can be ordered off their website. One of the packages includes four beginning reader’s books, a teething ring, and some building blocks.It was interesting  I helped mail these out, along with some books and materials to our UK distributor. 

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