Connecting my studies to my academic exploration- Blog 6

I think my summer at Alice + Olivia has confirmed my career path. After this internship, I definitely would like to pursue a career in the fashion industry, preferably in the merchandizing and sales realm. Over the span of my summer with the merchandizing team, I have realized that while the sales side of the fashion world has a lot to do with being a “people person” and creating relationships with buyers and other salespeople, it also has to do so much with research and analysis. I never learned this during my previous fashion sales internships. I did not even know that merchandizing departments existed, nevertheless, what merchandizing departments did. I have done so much research and have been exposed to so many numbers and so much analytical data during my experience. I have come to the realization that a merchandizing department can act as a vital middleman between production and sales. Merchandizers can take previous sales data and industry research and figure out what works and what doesn’t. This is information is used to give production an idea of what to make for the salespeople to sell. This internship has opened up a new area of the industry to me and I want to supplement this new knowledge during my remaining time at Michigan. I am going to continue to take sales and marketing classes as I complete my Sales Track Certification at the Ross School of Business, and I am going to try and get involved around and off campus, maybe by applying for a job at a local clothing store. I think more business classes and possibly a hands-on, real world experience can only help me develop my skills and help me ensure success in this industry in the future.

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