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Throughout my internship, I have been able to gain a new understanding on specific social justice issues that matter to me. For example, one of my main focal points in my research with the NCID was “Undocumented Students.” I feel as if this is a topic that not a lot of people in society are properly educated on, and this is why I was so intrigued and fascinated to learn more about the effects one’s documentation status has on their personal lives as well as how these individuals see their place in society.

Prior to this research, I do not think I would’ve had the opportunity to really understand important issues surrounding documentation status; however, I feel it is very prevalent to know information about one’s documentation status, especially now after the recent presidential election. Undocumented Students face the daily struggles of being dehumanized because of the absence of “legality” in the United States of America, and to go through this in a community where one might call home is quite demeaning.

The NCID has provided me with numerous opportunities of exploration on “Undocumented Students,” which has allowed me to understand that there is still so much more that I, as a Latina in the U.S. can do to support the undocumented students on campus. To continue showing my support to the undocumented community on campus, I aspire to be an advocate for these individuals, highlighting the importance of having a sense of community here at the University of Michigan.

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