Bartlett #2

Working in Dr. Bartlett’s lab has presented it’s challenges. For one, it has a bit difficult to learn the material, metal oxides, while taking Orgo 2. Thankfully, my relationships with the people around me have begun to grow. I am working with primarily one graduate student, but others in the lab are working on projects that are similar to the ones that I am working on. It has been great having people that are able to help me out on some things that I am not sure one so willingly. On top of these things, Dr. Bartlett has been great. He, although stern, is extremely helpful and nice when I come in to ask questions. He always drops whatever he is doing and answers them for me. I have been a bit surprised by the way that chemists work mostly. There is no set schedule or defined time that they must be in or that they must leave. The grad students have more leeway on the hours that they come and leave. Everyone comes in at different times. Some come in at 8 while others come in at around noon. They all work for a long time though. In order to gain any ground on the research project, they have to stay and work for up to 14 hours a day.  I have started working on an abstract and keeping track of my data, so I am excited for where we may take our work next. We are beginning to attempt to make BiVO4 nanocrystals hopefully. Everything has been great so far, still getting into the swing of things. About halfway done with the internship, so I can’t wait to see what the rest has in store for me.

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