Ghana Be Great | #1

Just a fore warning because I have not been posting online you all will be receiving journal thoughts, current thoughts about the past and present as well as my conclusions about the entire presented situation. But bear with me I think these will be some great stories.

First, let me give you some background on who I am. Kieandra, an upcoming senior studying BCN with a minor in Community Action and Social Change who plans to get a dual master’s degree in Public Health as well as Social Work. Become a Clinical Social Worker, and do some other cool stuff. I know you’re probably thinking why am I going through all the formal stuff but promise I’m not just ranting there is a correlation for all of this.

I was doing an internship as a Research Assistant, if that’s the proper title not sure, but anyway I spent three months in Ghana (hence all the punny titles) doing research on maternal mortality in a rural community called Kumawu aka The Wu. We implemented a Reproductive Age Mortality Survey that was mainly a community-based surveillance, worked with the Ghana Health Service, blah blah and some other fancy researchy stuff but the point is when I applied to this program MHIRT I had high expectations that were somewhat met.

I believed and was told that being apart of this program would help me later on in public health, and this specific program in Ghana would give me the chance to work in a community setting working with people that could give me a diverse perspective for social work. Best of Both Worlds! I was super pumped and excited to go, not knowing what was going to be waiting for me upon my arrival.

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