Informational Interview #1

I connected with this person in order to learn more about his career, and about potential opportunities at the firm he works at. My favorite thing about information interviews is hearing someone’s background, and how his/her background applies to my current situation, and then I aspire to follow in similar footsteps that he/she did in order to obtain similar goals. With that being said, the person I spoke with went to ASU, but ended up working at Goldman Sachs in Chicago, in Private Wealth Management.

His story was interesting, he put in a lot of work in order to get to where he is today. He landed an internship at Raymond James, did a field study at JPM, and then landed his job at Goldman Sachs. I enjoyed hearing his background, but he gave even better advice. He told me to continue pursing my career in Wealth Management, and to talk to as many people as I can in the industry. He had a similar background where he did not start in an internship program at a large wire house, but he ended up where he wanted to be.

Additionally, he gave me the most important attributes in order to be successful as an analyst within Private Wealth Management. These skills include ability to work well in a team setting, being comfortable talking to clients, successfully establishing trust, and being able to multitask.

His words motivated me to continue doing what I’m doing and pursue a career in Wealth Management, hopefully we will remain in contact.

One thought on “Informational Interview #1

  • August 21, 2017 at 3:28 pm

    Great reflection! It really sounds like this conversation affirmed and motivated!


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