Informational Interview 1 | #7

*The names noted were changed for privacy purposes*

Though I often see Michigan alumni in passing, it was a rewarding experience for me to actually work with a woman, Rachel, who was both a fellow wolverine and a Chi Omega. Upon arriving at Theory, we immediately bonded over our similar paths. Although I did not work in her department (public relations,) I was lucky enough to be offered a variety of opportunities to work with her. After building a relationship, she was nice enough to speak to me a bit more about her life after college. As someone who is interested in PR but has yet to truly delve into the field, I was interested to hear about her path to where she is now as the Senior Manager of Marketing and Public Relations.  Specifically, I enjoyed hearing about the different fields she was in prior to working at Theory. In essence, I am truly in awe of the initiative, drive and passion Rachel has, and can only wish my career is half as successful as hers has been.

In addition to Rachel, I was lucky enough to speak to the Human Resource Specialist, Deb (even if she did go to OSU). It was very humbling to hear her speak to the struggle she sometimes felt because she was not an expert in any one profession; however, though she was not sure of exactly what she wanted to do, she knew the skills she possessed (she cared deeply about and for people, was able to handle public speaking, was organized, etc.) and went into HR from there. After speaking with both Rachel and Deb, I am curious and excited to explore both PR and HR sometime in the future.

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  • August 21, 2017 at 3:47 pm

    It’s amazing that sometimes rivalries can actually facilitate the conversation as you are able to briefly joke before moving into the real conversation. With that said, it’s been a rough last few years against OSU.


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