Informational Interview 2 Reflection

For an interview with someone outside my organization I decided to contact a friend who has recently graduated and started a job in the fashion industry. I chose this person as someone to reach out to because they studied similar things in school and they now have a job in an area I am very interested in. I decided to focus my interview with questions about how this person got from graduation to a job in the industry of their choice. I learned that with the right networking and appropriate persistence, you can really get anyone to talk to you. My interviewee made clear how important it is to stay in touch with previous internship employers. These employers are key because they know what kind of worker you are and are truly the only people who can vouch for what kind of employee you would be. My interviewee also said these are the people who will network for you. Since you probably were not paid, or not paid very much by these people, they will be very willing to “pay” you back by sending your resume around and connecting you with other people in the industry (especially if they don’t have a spot open in their workforce). It is important to keep these contacts strong as they can do a lot for you in the future. I also spoke to my interviewee about what it was like starting a job straight out of school. They said that it was a hard adjustment, but their previous internship experience ended up being great training, which they didn’t even know at the time. I am definitely going to take the advice from this interview wholeheartedly. I plan to keep in touch with my currently team after my internship ends and keep everything I have learned this summer fresh in my mind.

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  • August 21, 2017 at 3:53 pm

    “These are the people who will network for you.” I love the active image that this description paints of a network!


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