Internship Impact on Future Endeavors | #5

My internship is winding down to its final days, and although I still have a lot to accomplish before the end of the internship, I feel that I’ve made a lot of progress in determining what I want from my career.

Since the office is located in an area with few businesses or places available for rent nearby, I live a sizable drive away from the office. This drive can be tedious especially after a long day working. This commute is reminiscent of when I attended my community college before transferring to UMich. It’s also important to consider that driving can become even more of an inconvenience in the winter. When I would leave for my community college classes on some snowy winter mornings, I would need to scrape the car windshield and windows, shovel the driveway, and spend about an hour and a half to drive to classes. Then I looked forward to the same drive on the way back when classes were over and it was dark out. I greatly preferred the arrangement at my previous two summer internships, where I lived in the city within a ten-minute walk from my internship, and I’ll remember my preference during my post-graduation job selection.

Some of my final tasks for this internship are to redesign the website to match the colors on the company logo, make changes to make the website more mobile-friendly, continue working with our marketer to collect data for the website, and collect data sets of potential sales contacts. Although at times the work could get tedious, I now better understand business regulations, marketing, interview techniques, small business operations, and keeping track of and making decisions based on data. I’ve come a long way this summer, and I feel better prepared to make decisions about the career I want. In addition, the business experience will help me excel in MKT 310- Fundamentals of Sales Management- this coming fall.

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