Mid-Point | #4

After interning at PR Consulting for a few months now, I have learned a lot about public relations in the fashion industry, myself, and where I find myself fitting into this environment. At the beginning of my internship, one of my goals was to explore fashion PR and find out if it is something I want to pursue as a career in the future. After being here for a couple months I have learned a lot about public relations (I initially knew nothing besides what I found online), and have also discovered that maybe it isn’t the right path for me. I think what everyone in this office does is incredible and a lot of hard work, and everyone here is very good at what they do, but I’m leaning away from public relations, at least in a multiple-brand agency setting, as the correct career path for me. That being said, I have learned so much, and am still learning, about what goes on behind the scenes of promoting a brand. I even got to work and attend a fashion show during men’s fashion week which was an amazing experience and reminded me of why I wanted to go into fashion in the first place. My second goal of beginning to learn the behind the scenes work has definitely been accomplished. I now know how to use fashion GPS extremely well which is something I was hoping to accomplish when I started working here. I have also had the opportunity to network with people outside of PR Consulting who are also in the fashion industry which has been amazing. I hope to continue learning, networking, and taking on more responsibility during the second half of my internship.

During my internship I haven’t hit too many bumps, but I have made mistakes and learned from them. The biggest thing I’ve learned and had to adjust to is that even the smallest tasks should be done well and carefully, so that when you are assigned a bigger and more interesting task, you can handle it calmly and do it well. As I’ve gotten more comfortable and better at smaller things, my boss has been giving me more responsibility and more things to do which is amazing. I hope to continue doing more, while also continuing to pay attention to and perfect all the little details as my internship continues.

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