Midwest vs. West Coast| #1

This summer I am pursuing an internship at Clique Media Group in Los Angeles, California. As a brand marketing and business development intern, I will be exposed to real world experience in a field I hope to end up working in post-graduation.

So far during this internship, I have been focusing on various tasks and responsibilities that will develop my skills in brand marketing, business development, and communication. I have shadowed the commerce team to assist with management of affiliate partners and business development projects. I am in charge of keeping track of partner’s inclusions in editorial articles on the Who What Wear website. Additionally, I assist in the creation of post-campaign performance reports and brand strategy. Throughout the internship I am required to report the progress of my company’s top partners and paid campaigns. I’m very excited to assist in the development of SHOP Who What Wear, a shopping app that my company has recently released to the public. As this is an extremely new app on the market, I will be helping track any kinks or problems with the application. I have been researching new brand trends in fashion, beauty, skincare, and home goods as well as industry trends and competitor’s brand strategies. This internship allows me to work directly with the Who What Wear collection and apply marketing strategies specifically to the collection at Target. This involves me managing the collection samples for photo shoots, social initiatives, and distribution to influencers.

I was drawn to this particular opportunity because I am able to combine my interest in fashion with my business oriented mindset, tapping into the skills and lessons I have learned as a minor in business at U of M. I love that I am able to apply these concepts in a professional setting and contribute valuable ideas to my supervisors. So far, it has been an incredible experience working in a city I have never been to before. The weather is incredible here and my coworkers are very friendly and appreciative of the work I have been contributing. In particular, it has been so interesting seeing the differences that come with living and working on the West Coast. I can’t wait to see what else I will learn by the end of my internship at Clique Media Group.

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