NYC – world leader in fighting climate change

NYC is known for a lot of things, but a world leader in climate change action? I did not know that, even growing up in the NYC. When Trump announced we would leave the Paris Agreements, de Blasio (our mayor) was the first to announce NYC would stay in the agreements and even organized other cities like San Francisco and Boston to sign the pledge as well.

Then, in the last week of July, NYC hosted the Urban Resilience Summit, where more than 400 cities sent their Chief Sustainability Officer to NYC to talk about building more resilient cities and to promote sharing ideas between cities. NYC, de Blasio, and my office hosted the entire summit, with cities from all over the world!

And now, our office is working on releasing Climate Action 2020, which details short term climate action goals that will bring us closer to our 80×50 goals (80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050). When we release Climate Action 2020, this will be the first time a city releases detailed short term climate goals.

I’m extremely proud of what NYC and our office is doing. Although the science/data shows that the future still looks gloom, we are progressing steadily. We’re going to need to be doing a lot more.

But it starts with the little things – like installing solar canopies on campus! Students for Clean Energy, which I’m a part of, just finished installing two solar powered tables. One of them is outside the BBB (North Campus) and another outside Palmer. They have solar powered outlets – so anyone can sit down, charge their phones and laptops, and study/work without worrying about losing battery!

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