I have had the most amazing internship experience so far.  As I have embarked on this journey, I have been most surprised by the amount of passion that my coworkers have for the work that they do. Currently, as a team, we are looking for funding in an effort to increase a student coding skills. Alot of the times students are not interested in learning how to code because they believe it is too complicated, but in reality, they just have never been exposed to it. I love seeing the passion and effort that my team puts in day in and day out to make this program happen. It gives me the motivation to not only continue my major but to continuously find ways to integrate coding into my community.

As I walk around the office, one quote always comes to mind: “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” My coworkers want to be there. They want to make an impact on a student’s future. I believe that I will be able to achieve this goal when I am in the same position in a few years starting my own non-profit that gives resources to minority women entering STEM fields.


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