Summer Obstacles #5

This whole summer has gone by very quickly and as a whole this internship has been a very good learning experience with lots of obstacles along the way. However I would say that the biggest obstacle happened when I was halfway through the internship.

Sometime during June one of our coworkers left and she was in charge of event planning. At the time there were only two people in marketing only, which meant that in order to keep things running smoothly, I had to take the work of an event planner on top of what I was already doing. At first I was happy to have this opportunity since I liked to keep my schedule tight, but soon I realized that I had taken more than I could chew. I started having too much on my plate and ended up finishing nothing since I tried to multitask in everything. It got worse when I would take on every little job my coworkers gave me and in the end I would not even remember who asked me to do what. Thankfully, we had another marketing worker come in and take the job I was trying to hold down.

However, the second biggest obstacle then came around. Since I had gotten so used to having my hands full all the time, suddenly changing back to my normal amount of work seemed very bland and boring. Apart from talking to mentors and solving their problems, nothing much happened. During this time, I would be bored to the point where I would sometimes want to doze. I wanted to take on just a teeny bit more work, such as writing a blog post every now and then. My manager told me this might be possible, but then finally decided it was best if I just focused on the mentors rather than do a job that had no relationship to my job. At the time I had even thought of quitting half way through with the many other things happening around me and work being this bland. As the weeks moved on, I finally decided to take action and give myself a bit more workload by taking the little jobs that nobody wanted to do. I also think around this time my manager finally realized that I could take on more jobs than the ones I was already doing, which meant that I was given the right amount of work without having to overwork or underwork.

The biggest lesson I learned here was to not always wait for the opportunity to come towards you. A lot of times when managers have a lot on their plate they don’t really understand or know what your real potential is, so just go and do it and show them through actions that you can do more than they think. However, don’t overwork yourself either since you won’t get much done but will end up with a very big headache.

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  • August 11, 2017 at 7:56 pm

    So happy to read that you were able to overcome some the challenges you faced this summer!


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