Visual representation of interning at BIS Oxford Economics


Above you will see several pictures that I have taken over the Summer during my internship with BIS Oxford Economics in Australia. In the top left picture is of the Botanical library that I went with a coworker to gain data on the unemployment and participation rates from the library for one of our projects. Some data we found via web, but other data and research projects required for us to visit the library a few times to obtain information that we could not find on the internet.

The next picture is of a couple of treats I would occasionally indulge in during my breaks from work. Australia is overall well known for their great presentation in food and deserts, so it was common to walk into a bakery and find deserts so beautiful that you might think belonged in an art museum.

The third top right picture is of my daily transportation to and from work. The total cost was approximately $7 AUD round trip and would consist of 2 trains to and from work. Often I would run into other interns from my program also taking either the first or second train.

The fourth top right picture is a stack of books that I often relied on when I had projects that related to data entry or when I had to help update some charts to make sure that my format was similar to what I would find in the books.

The bottom left picture is on my last day when my supervisor took me and my coworker to lunch. About 10 coworkers total came to lunch with us and the food was absolutely delicious.

The 2nd bottom left picture is the company’s name. This could be seen once you got on or off the elevator behind the front desk.

The last photo is of course a selfie of me in work attire. This was one of my first days of my internship and I was so excited to be there.

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