A Wrap to Summer Research | Blog Post #5

Looking back upon my internship this summer, I’m able to pinpoint a multitude of different experiences that have made an impact upon my academic and career goals. One of those goals is attaining more education after my undergraduate degree- which was inspired by conducting research alongside master students and post-docs. The reasoning for that is witnessing their ideas, creativity and scientific knowledge. I find it very intriguing as to how my co-workers are able to think so well and compile knowledge together, to create and design scientific experiments in order to address their hypotheses. I feel as if graduate level education will assist me in achieving such thinking. Another goal is to obtain a job in the field of medicine or pharmaceuticals. After creating experiments to address questions in biology and chemistry, I realized how interested I am in those subjects. Those subjects are fundamentals within the medical field and the drug industry, so I feel gravitated towards those fields as a career.

Additionally, performing research in a lab has handed me more tools that I am able to add to my scientific toolkit. Tools such as bacteria and antibiotic work, designing experiments using 96 well plates and agar plates, and how to organize ones data to be used within a research paper. Acquiring and cultivating these skills within the lab was an extremely beneficial part from this internship. It will come in handy especially when I go to take courses in biochemistry, microbiology and genetics, which will give me a step ahead in the class.

I am so very grateful to have been given the opportunity to be involved in this internship, and some advice I would give to a student planning to internship in a scientific research lab would be to soak up all of the knowledge you possibly can, and learn from your supervisor and coworkers. Also, to create connections with the people in your lab as those connections can travel a long way. And that’s it, a wrap to summer research- what an amazing experience!

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