Blog Post #4: DLIVE BBQ

In the first week of the internship I was given the responsibility of planning the first ever DLIVE BBQ. This BBQ was going to be in celebration of DLIVE’s existence which at this point has been a year and a couple months. I was not only amazed at how much Ray, Calvin, and Dr. Sonuyi had accomplished in such a short time but amazed at how they had been able to do so much with only 3 people. This BBQ was a celebration of all that had been accomplished so I wanted it to be done very well. I planned for it to be on the last Friday of July. We wanted a Saturday but it was very hard to find an available park in Detroit because most of them had been reserved all the way through September. We did, however, find Milliken State Park which was a place that had two sheds right off the Detroit River downtown. It was perfect, it held 75 people comfortably, had places to plug things in, a BBQ pit, and it was in the heart of Detroit. After finding a venue, I then created a menu and searched for a DJ because we wanted music playing as well. I was able to find a DJ that fit into our budget and created a menu that was satisfying to everybody. The people that was came to the BBQ included our DLIVE members, community partners, Grow Detroit Young Talent students, and people who had been a part of DLIVE in some shape or form. After making a flyer for the event, we then went about inviting all the people we wanted to come and everybody was looking forward to it. We then came up with a design for t-shirts to be made for our members. We wanted them all to wear the shirts at the BBQ and represent DLIVE. When it came to the event, it was a success, everybody had a great time. From the music, to the food, to the games and overall fellowship that took place on the day, I was overall satisfied with the way everything turned out. I was especially grateful to Ray and Calvin for giving me such a responsibility because I love to plan things and see the plans get executed.



I am a senior studying Acting Performing in the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance and I also major in Psychology in the School of Literature, Science, and Arts.

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