Blog#5 Overcoming Obstacles

I cried with my boss in present.  Yes, I did.

When I was interviewed I list C++ as my prime coding language, and we came to the conclusion (or I think we came into conclusion) that C++ should be my working language. But when I get onto the real project, I was told that aha, lucky you, we are now trying to turn all  C++ to Python. Do you want to try a new language? Well, I did have some experience with Python, but less than 100 lines!!! I started to regret listing Python as one of the languages I speak.  I was directly put onto a project, and buried by thousand lines of python code. What is worse is that the other intern in the office is not good at C++ by quite fluent with python!! The contrast hurts. I am pretty glad that Python is not a very hard language to learn at beginning, if you don’t want to be a master of python. I watched tutorials on YouTube. I did no read any book, because that’s not fast enough. It took me a around a week. I remember our associate manager sitting with me for around an hour to lead me one step by another on how to write the code in Python. To be honest, if I had started with C++, it would still be hard for me to start at the first project. Because I am not a CS major, and I have read some of  the C++ code, it’s hard. The second week, my boss came into our office and asked how it was going. May be because he was too kind, I started to whip like a little girl. Everyone in the office are very close, but it’s still a little bit embarrassing to even think about that scene.

There are a lot of obstacles I came over during this internship, but this is the first that came into my mind.



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