Claire in Cambodia #3

My work in DK Schoolhouse is harder than I thought. When I received the work schedule before I came to Phnom Penh, I thought it was an easy job because the working time is from 7:30 AM to 12 PM and my job is just assisting the teacher. However, after three weeks’ work, I found it not an easy job to teach kids and every afternoon when I ride my bike home, I was so tired and just wanted to take a long nap.

Kids are so adorable but they are also so young, which means sometimes, they cannot tell what is wrong and what is right. They always make mistakes, then you have to correct them, and then they forget and make same mistakes again and again. So I also have to tell myself “patience” again and again when I was at school to make sure that I remember they are kids, not adults and this is the reason why I cannot interact with them in my normal ways that I use to interact with adults.

The world of these kids are so pure that they will not hide any feelings or thoughts in front of you. Every morning when I came to the school and saw those kids, millions of voices flooded to me. These kids would like to share everything with me: what they ate for breakfast; their parents bought new clothes for them; they are going swimming today… I am so glad that I became a person who they trust and they are willing to share stories with and at the same time I also feel the responsibility of being such a person. As a teacher, I can apparently feel that my words and my deeds at school influenced these kids directly. Once in the classroom, I noticed that a boy talking to a girl: “ Miss Claire once said… Miss Claire never wears…”. I was surprised that they care so much about teacher’s words and deeds and at the same time I also feel that I have to be the role model of them.

My working time at DK Schoolhouse is meaningful to me because I learnt a lot about not just how to interact with children and how to teach them, but also a lot of things and attitude I ignored in life as an adult. One day I was making crafts with children in the classroom and we were talking about the color. I heard a kid telling me: “ My favorite color is rainbow.” I was touched by this answer. Actually I just wanted to say: “Rainbow is not a color”, but I said “ Wow! Rainbow is such a beautiful color in the world”. Why rainbow cannot be a color in children’s eyes? Why we have to define the seven colors of the rainbow? Thanks to these kids, they open the door to a wonderful land for me and they are the color of the rainbow in my heart.

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  • August 14, 2017 at 9:14 pm

    Aw Claire, although working with all of these lively children is tiring, it sounds like you are learning from them as they learn from you. I’m sure that you are a wonderful role model for them and hope that this is a valuable experience for you!


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