Dublin: Potatoes & Pudding [6]

Food has played a significant role of my time in Dublin. From scrounging for pb&js to cooking a weeks-worth of stir-fry to eating so much that I was in actual pain, I experienced a wide range of foods.


Upon realizing how expensive Dublin was, I began hardcore budgeting early on. Although I wanted to try many new foods, I had to rely on pb&js and bulk stir-fry to save money. The only time I ate a lot was during the scheduled day trips because GE paid for our lunches. I always looked forward to stuffing my face until I was in literal pain. The picture to the left is Beef & Guinness pie (yes, the Irish really do put Guinness in everything) from a little restaurant near Giant’s Causeway. It was full of potatoes, beef, vegetables, potatoes, carrots, and still more potatoes!


Now that I’ve been living here for quite some time and have reached a budgeting balance, I’ve deemed it acceptable to occasionally treat myself to some quality Irish meals. One of my favorites was the traditional Irish breakfast. One sunny, Sunday morning, a few lads and I explored Dún Laoghaire, a quaint seaside town not far from Dublin. In true Sunday morning fashion, we decided to treat ourselves to brunch. Featured here is a picture of a traditional Irish breakfast, which my friend Sam and I split (it’s rather filling). It includes beans in a tomato sauce, sausage links, sunny-side-up eggs, tomatoes, ham/bacon, potatoes (naturally), and white and black pudding. Pudding is not to be confused with our beloved snack-packs of chocolate pudding, but rather, it is a type of sausage. White pudding tastes quite similar to our white sausage links at home. Black pudding, however, is quite different. It’s actually made with blood. Little pieces of dried/cooked blood are visible in the sausage patty. Think what you would like, but don’t knock it till you try it!


Finally, I wanted to briefly share my favorite food memory. This one did not involve eating any traditional Irish food, going out to eat, or spending a lot of money. One lazy Sunday, my friends Tommy, Sam, Megan, and I watched a hurling match before shopping at Lidl (10/10 recommend shopping there for the best deals) for brunch foods and movie snacks. We returned to our dorm, and Tommy cooked up hash browns, bacon, and pancakes. It was such a lively setting, filled with good food, good friends, and good craic. Following brunch, we had a bad movie marathon with the rest of our pals. It’s a day I’ll never forget.




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  • August 14, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    Everything looks really hearty and delicious! It always amazes me to see how food can bring people together 🙂


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