Event Sponsorship | #3

Almost every week of my internship, I have attended the Summer Concert In the Park in downtown Birmingham, Michigan. The law firm I am interning for is one of the event sponsors, so I go each Wednesday evening to help represent our business. People come to enjoy live music in a park, where they can bring their dogs and spread out a picnic blanket to relax. I help pass out cookies, popsicles, and soft drinks to anyone that walks by. While we include a drink coozie or business card with the free refreshments, we make it a point to not mention anything about the law firm unless someone asks. Because personal injury law can happen anytime and is unpredictable, putting ourselves out in the community allows people to have a positive perspective on our business in case they ever need us to represent them. I am very much a people person, so getting out of the office and into the community is my favorite part of this internship. Already, I have seen the positive effects of coming out to the concert each week; one man told us that he passed on our business card to his friend that needs a lawyer! Marketing can come in many forms, but I believe face-to-face is the most genuine and successful form.


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