Informational Interview #2

I connected with my father, regarding his job as a sales executive. My dad has been working in sales for the past 30 years, originally for his family business and later for other companies. He got into the job because of his family business and because his grandfather was retiring and offered him to take over his clients. I’ve learned that being a salesman is an extremely stressful job because you rely on commission, so pay is never guaranteed. The fear of losing clients is always there so you need to be personable and available to clients even when you’re on vacation.

I am definitely interested in going into sales, especially after taking MKT 310, however, I understand how stressful that career is and how there are no guarantees. If I were to go into sales I would want a job with a fixed salary at first and commission on top of that, maybe making my projected earnings 50% salary and 50% commission. I am aware that salespeople can make more money than their managers due to commission, but I’m not sure how I feel about relying on unstable income in the future. Next summer I can possibly try out a sales internship to see if the position really suits me.

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