Informational Interview 2

For this informational interview I interviewed a financial advisor that I met and worked with briefly at Edward Jones. He has been very successful since becoming a financial advisor and has over 400 clients. He was helpful in teaching me good ways with approaching people that I’ve never met and learn how to talk to them. He chose to become a financial advisor because his previous job wasn’t steady and liked the stability that this job offered. Also, he like how this job had it’s positives with how successful he was and how it wasn’t primarily salary based. This part intrigued me because I would like a job of similar nature. At first he admitted it was difficult to find prospects and clients, but his ability to network was what made him successful.

After the interview I reflected on the conversation we had and thought if I could see myself becoming a financial advisor. The profession definitely interests me, but I would want to do it later in life. I do like the part of the job of dealing with people because I feel that is a quality of mine. However, I believe I could have more of an intense job in the finance industry and could eventually transition into becoming a financial advisor.

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