Wrapping Up

Although my internship is not yet over,  it will be over in a number of weeks. I have learned a lot here, mainly about entrepreneurship. The market research firm I work for was started by two University of Michigan graduates several years ago, and the two of them still run it. Working together, one coded the complex software we use to log everything we do, and to do most of the work. The other one deals with the customer service end of things. The two of them work well together, and watching them interact taught me about what running a successful business looks like. They are friends and can be friendly, but also know how to work together, which requires things beyond being nice to each other. They split their hours to have an optimal amount of time spent in and out of the office, and can work from home if they so desire. Being your own boss seems nice, but also adds stress to be in charge of more. Watching them work with clients and contractors showed me how to interact, when to say no and when to say yes, and the extent to which a business person should go to get their business.

I so appreciate the opportunity that I have been given through this internship, and know that the skills I’ve learned will carry me further in life than if I had not done this. In general, learning how to work and get along in this particular office setting taught me about how to act, how to dress, and what to talk about with different people. These are skills that cannot be taught and must be learned through experience, and are individual to offices. Learning the culture of an office is a big part of fitting in it. I would highly recommend taking an internship in an office for this reason.

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