Wrapping Up — Blog Post #5

This week, my final assignments were completed for my internship — my last posts were published, final stories were edited, and exit interview was conducted. I remember when I first started this internship, eight weeks seemed like such a long time. But now that I’m at the end, it feels as though I was just getting started. While some tasks came easily to me (whether from experience or quick learning), others took a while to get the hang of. Pinning photos to articles might sound easy, but it’s not when each photo needs to advertise a product for sale pertaining to the article, or when you have to upload photos through a website you’ve never seen before.

Though there were moments when I felt like I couldn’t figure out what in the world I was doing, I had wonderful mentorship and leaders who possessed enough patience to walk me through it. I was able to shadow departments outside of the one I was hired into, extend my internship to complete specific projects, and turn my internship into a current position, all with the help of a spectacular crew willing to help shape me into an experienced and competent individual. While I’m still unsure of whether this career path will be right for me, I was happy to have gained so much hands-on experience with this internship.

If there was anything I wish I could have told myself before accepting this internship, it would have been to not worry about what I didn’t know. Before I started, I was panicking that I would be behind some of the employees that worked there and that I wouldn’t know how to do certain things. Truth is, that’s completely true, and my boss knew it so it didn’t really matter. Bosses know who they’re hiring and what is specific to each individual company, and they know there’s going to be a learning curve, so there’s no point in panicking about what you don’t know. That’s what an internship is all about — learning something new and gaining experience.

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