Blog 2: Work Culture

I think work culture is important for employees as well as organizations. For individuals, work culture provides a set of unspoken rules and team morale guidance for work. A positive, open-minded and ambitious work culture motivates employees to impress their thoughts, actively communicate with each other, spark innovations and strive for excellence. From an organizational standpoint, a work culture that is accepted and appreciated by employees gathers everyone together and improves team morale because in that case, every employee shares the same belief and principles towards work. An supportive and open-minded work culture will encourage employees to work harder and feel free to impress constructive opinion. In the long run, good work culture improves the organization from within and helps the organization utilize talent effectively.

I feel very grateful that the company I work at has excellent work culture. Everyone is willing to communicate and share thoughts, both positive and constructive ones. The company provides lots of space for innovations and new ideas and allows employees to try things out. I have been given lots of responsibilities and my ideas are supported by other colleagues and my supervisor. I think this is the best environment for professional growth where one does not have to be afraid of making mistakes and one is trusted to do important tasks. I will continue to take advantage of such great work culture and environment to strive for more professional growth.

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