Blog #4: Midpoint Check-in

With my internship being about halfway over, I feel good about where I am at in terms of the goals I set for myself. In the first couple of weeks of teaching I wanted to form positive relationships with my students to set up a foundation in which I will be able to effectively manage a classroom and execute my lesson plans. I think it is important to let kids know that you care not only through your words, but also through your actions. To hold them to a high standard and to a sense of accountability, because you know that they are more capable of what they think they are. Sometimes when doing this, I don’t always come off as a “the nice guy” but I believe it is very important in terms of getting the most out of my students. I have been able to have successful lessons and I just need to continue coming to class prepared with a positive attitude and well prepared lessons. I also wanted to try to learn more about Indian history and culture as well as the institution of education within India. Rachna, the founder of the organization and the woman’s house that I’m living in, has a wealth of knowledge pertaining to these things. I have enjoyed sitting down and hearing her talk about all sorts of things such as superstitions in Indian culture, the history of religion here, and the reign of the Mughal empire from about 1200-1700. I have also tried to talk to the teachers within the school to learn more about their philosophy when it comes to teaching as well as more information about my student’s background. I was able to go on a home-visit to two of my students houses, which was an incredible experience; hearing from their parents about their future goals for their children as well as just seeing where my students live. I feel good about my efforts to immerse myself and learn about Indian culture, as I have not learned much about eastern cultures in my prior education. I hope to continue to learn, grow and hopefully make a positive impact on the kids I have the privilege to teach.

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