Blog #4 Team Work and Final Destinations

When I was younger and had more sass than life experience, I might have rolled my eyes when someone mentioned the phrase “Being a team player.” To a young generation in an individualistic American culture, this phrase can be misunderstood as a justification by which individual goals and personal pursuits are discouraged. While I won’t argue that the concept isn’t sometimes manipulated by the unscrupulous to do so, working together as a team can be used as a mutually beneficial strategy for everyone involved. The MLS Lab is a great example of a place where personal goals successfully coexist beside a larger collective one.

This week, a long time member of our staff is leaving to gain some out of the country experience. As our team recognized her contributions and celebrated her departure, it occurred to me how very lucky I am to be interning on the MLS. The people I’m working with seem to understand that coming together as a team ultimately enhances opportunities for each individual member. Perhaps it’s because the study is in the last phase that the culmination of everybody’s hard work and how it propels them toward their future career plans is so palpable.

The staff, interns and volunteers on the MLS are incredible people. Their individual journeys and accomplishments are as impressive as the study itself. I’m proud and continually inspired to cheer each of my colleagues on as they near the finish line. It’s very exciting to see passionate people follow their dreams and take the steps that lead them ever closer to arriving at their final destinations.

Kelly L

Psychology Major.

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