Blog 5 – The End

This summer really showed me how fast time flies when you’re having fun, as well as when you’re learning a great deal. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to intern with the Washtenaw County Office of Public Defender, and I know the experience influenced my life for the better.

I originally chose to participate in this internship so I would gain exposure to the legal field, and help me decide if this is a field I would like to go into myself. After spending countless hours sitting in courtrooms, speaking with clients, and learning what it is like to be a defense attorney first-hand, I am sure pursuing law is something I want to do. I am now making arrangements to take the LSAT this December, and I will be taking a gap year before going to law school beginning Fall 2019, if all goes according to plan.

Along with my newfound confidence in my decision to go to law school, interning with the public defender opened my eyes to the field of criminal law. By observing and experiencing the criminal justice system, I was able to see the flaws on both sides and reduce the stigmas I had about working with criminals. Thanks to my internship I was able to learn a great deal while gaining new perspectives, as well as confidence in my ability to succeed going forward.

To anyone participating in this internship in the future, or any internship for that matter, I would urge you to let go of your worries and open your mind before going into the experience. I realize it is easier said than done, but if you can let go of your fear of making mistakes, you will spend the first part of the internship learning instead of freaking out.

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