Blog 6: Connecting your studies to your academic exploration.

I learned a lot about research, economics, and international development during my internship at the Urban Institute this summer. Ultimately, my experiences and new knowledge have confirmed for me that this career and industry align with my values, personality, interests, and skillset.

Through my remaining time at Michigan, I hope to prepare myself to become a development economist through academics and extracurrriculars. In terms of academics, I know that I need statistics and economics knowledge in order to perform research, and therefore will take classes in those departments. I also know that to prepare myself for graduate school in economics, I’ll need to take a lot of hard math classes such as real analysis, advanced linear algebra, and differential equations, so I am considering a minor or double major in math. In terms of extra curricular, I participated in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) last year, and hope to continue conducting research this year, armed with the increased critical thinking skills and technical knowledge that I have acquired during my summer internship

I also want to make sure I bring a wholistic perspective to research, so I plan on continuing to take classes in other social science disciplines like sociology and political science. Further, I plan to continue doing business and engineering clubs to widen my perspective.


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