Blog: Informational Interview 2

I connected with an outside source, as they served as my mentor throughout high school when I was feeling very confused and unsure about what I wanted to do with my future college studies. I believed this mentor would also help me during this transitional period, as I move toward deciding what career path I want to move towards.


From this interview, I learned there are many parallels between the process for choosing colleges and choosing a career. The only difference is choosing a career can be much more insular than choosing a college, as college you are exposed to many types of careers and activities while choosing a career you are exposed to one type of industry. However, in our era we are very transient and tend to move jobs frequently so we may be exposed to many types of jobs.


The only way to truly learn from a job is to learn through experience – through internship experience and job experience. No course in school can ever teach you the lesson the “real world” can teach you. There is no course or workplace course in college that can mimic what a real office setting will provide, as the accountability in the workplace is completely different than in an educational setting.


What I learned from my mentor is what I can learn best in college is developing my work ethic. There is no academic skills that will best prepare me for my future career, but the people skills and soft skills I learn in college will help me in my career.

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