Blog Post #5 – I’m Lovin’ It

Day 30: 30 days, 2 hours, and three minutes into my internship, and I realize I’m almost done with my first summer internship. I have a little more than 5 days left, and time really flew by. I’ve dealt with a month’s worth of not only frustrating commutes, but also immersed myself in work. I’ve never had a job like this; despite not getting paid, it was worth it. One or two interns left to get paid jobs, but nevertheless gained experience working in political campaign in one of the greatest cities in the world. People make it their lifelong dreams to live and work in the city, and I can say I’ve already done that by the age of eighteen.

I wanted to sleep in like my little brother, see my friends every day, and make weekday trips to the beach. But what I would gain from that was momentary, I’d want to see my friends again the next day, or be complaining of my lack of sleep the day after.

Being able to work and dive into local politics was unforgettable, and I wouldn’t trade it in for a couple extra hours of sleep. I’ve honed my outreach skills, been able to talk to strangers (though I’ve always been told not to…), get involved in political conversations (another thing I’ve been told not to do – talk about politics, especially with the political climate now), and interacted with some great people.

My time at this internship was productive, perspective-altering, and overall, very valuable. I’m ready to tackle my next year of college, with the skills I’ve gained and polished over this last summer.

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