Boss Power | #4

I had a great week in Sweden. At work, we spent most of our time developing marketing plans for our company. I researched a lot about our target market in Sweden and created a brand new Instagram feed and summer marketing campaign for our company. We focused on gathering as much content as we could for our new promotional video as well. However, this week we struggled with making a sufficient amount of sales as well has as bringing in a  consistent amount of instagram followers. Hopefully next week our campaign will take off and bring in traffic. Despite these setbacks, my boss, and my biggest mentor here, has encouraged us to keep pushing past these hard few weeks.

Jess Loft, CEO of Midsummer Tea, has done an outstanding job of keeping her interns efficient and dedicated to marketing a product she truly believes in. She encourages us to everyday to improve a specific aspect of the brand – whether it be the website, blogs, pictures or social media. For this reason my work has been so enjoyable in Sweden, I’ve been assigned to do business on my favorite social media platform. I learned that having a boss that acknowledges your strengths is very important. I’m sure many other interns have been stuck doing a job they don’t particularly enjoy simply because their talents were not put to work correctly. Obviously, by assigning the right workers to the right job, efficiency improves drastically. But, the person who hired you needs to be able t0 recognize your skill set and how that can fit into the company’s work ethic and team. A huge strength I see in my boss is simply that. She has the ability to quickly act and assign people what needs to get done efficiently in a way that “just works”. This is just one example of the boss skill sets my mentor has. I admire her greatly!

Jess has shown me the benefits of harnessing the power of your social circle/connections. She isn’t afraid to reach out to any and every connections she may have. She asks for help much more than I would have if I were in her position. That takes courage. Most of all, I admire her ability to think BIG for Midsummer Tea. It is discouraging that we did not bringing in any sales this week. It would be frustrating to any business owner. But Jess sees pass this frustration and understands it’s a temporary status. She has faith that the company will truly grow into a well known brand name.

Having a mentor like Jess has given me hope in my career as a student. With Jess, there is always a way to make it work. No exceptions. Her mentality is inspiring and goes something a little like “we are going to make it happen and nothing can stop us”. That might seem stressful and overwhelming at first but when the work is enjoyable, I have found myself to truly believe in the company with just as much enthusiasm and excitement as the founder.

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