Informational Interview with My Supervisor

I connected with my supervisor because we have worked together since the beginning of the internship and she has been a great mentor. I learned a lot from her—her professional work ethic, her way of handling questions and challenges, and her passion and positive attitude in the job. She would show ways for me when I needed help. And she provided many tips about working etiquettes throughout my time here. These are some of the essential things that I definitely would use in the remainder of my internship as well as future jobs. When conducting the informational interview, I asked questions about her career anticipation and how she connected her master degree in finance with the work she’s doing in the company. I gained an insight about this industry, and developed a better sense of whether I want to do in the future. I would definitely take additional finance-related courses in the educational pursuit. And I personally would like to consider business analysis for a master degree. With career pursuits, I now have a clearer understanding of what I want to do. Consulting fields is still among the top ideal choices, but financial analysis and risk management are two new pursuits that get to the top. For the next internship or entry-level job, I would like to target financial analysis to strengthen my understanding.

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