Informational Interview: Within Organization


I had the opportunity to interview someone within my organization with a job title that interests me. I connected with this person because I look up to them and they served as a role model and mentor throughout this internship. I also connected with them because I would like to pursue a job they had in the future.


The largest takeaway I had from the interview was to follow my passion, and the rest will follow.


My interviewee did not seek out this position, rather she started in temporary work and ended up working at a company and worked her way up. Through her strong work ethic and skill set, employers were able to identify she was a strong asset to the company and she was able to network and meet her current employer.


I learned that you cannot plan for what your current or future will job will be, you have to seize every opportunity in front of you to the fullest extent, because you never know what doors or what other opportunities will follow.


There is no way to plan for your dream job or dream career, however, hard work and determination are key skills that will guide anyone to a successful job. I learned that no matter what job or position, all successful individuals possess these attributes.

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