Internship takeaways post 5

After completing my internship there are a few things that other people should consider if they do an internship within Australia. I think making the most after 5:00 p.m. on work days was one thing I tried doing more. Working a 9 to 5 can be very tiring and once I would get home it was pretty hard to leave. Or at least I was less inclined to. I think some of my favorite times during my internship was directly after work when I would go to Happy hour specials with my roommates and other people in my program. Of course not everyone will have the opportunity to intern with other people and would at mostly interact with coworkers. I only interacted with two coworkers after work, but I wish I had tried socializing more with other coworkers outside the office. Sometimes finding time outside the office was hard, or finding a way to ask without thinking too much of it was hard (being an intern you could sometimes feel out of loop or just weird being one of the youngest at your company).


I would also recommend that someone looking for experience with data or within excel to get the experience you want you have to really navigate your internship experience. When you apply for an internship you will be told you will gain certain skills, but you might find moments where you think you may not gain the experience you want. In those moments it’s important to ask to take on more tasks or self teach yourself certain skills you think might be applicable at work. I was not very knowledgeable with excel and wish I had tried teaching myself certain things within excel so I could apply it more to work I was doing on the job. On the job I asked my supervisor for help with certain applications, so asking for help on tools that can definitely be applicable later in your career is something you should do as well.

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