RNC Constituent Services Blog #5

Working at the Republican National Committee has definitely brought everything into perspective and I think that I have a clear direction for my future school and career plans. Arriving at U of M my freshman year, I was planning on studying cellular and molecular biology and continuing onto medical school post-graduation. As that year of biology, chemistry, and math came to a close, I was offered an internship position with Michigan State Senator, Phil Pavlov for the summer. I did not know what to expect but after completing this internship, I knew the pre-med track was not for me. Working on this congressional campaign was different, not something I pictured myself doing at the time, but was a phenomenal experience. I decided that I was going to pursue political science the following year. Come the end of sophomore year, I applied to the RNC and was accepted! This summer has been the most amazing, fantastic, surprising, educational summer yet. I have never been so sure of pursuing something in my short lifetime, but I know that I belong in the political arena in some capacity. With so many opportunities to get involved in politics, the RNC offered many opportunities to explore and see what’s out there. I am definitely interested in American politics, as well as foreign affairs and hope to one day follow in the footsteps of Secretary Rex Tillerson and become Secretary of State or Ambassador Nikki Haley and become the US Ambassador to the United Nations. There are many steps in between then and now but I know that if I put my mind to it, work hard, and pursue my passions that I can get there some day. I will be extremely focused this year, my junior year, and learn a lot from the course material and my professors. I am so excited to start this semester and know that my future lays here in Washington D.C.

The last picture of me and my fellow constituent services interns!

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