Speaker Series – my favorite part of my internship

Besides working for the Office of Sustainability, my internship organized speaker series from the heads of various other offices within the Mayor’s Office. I really enjoyed these lectures because I learned about many different offices, what they did, how they work with other offices, and their future goals – a lot I did not know before. And once I listened to all their initiatives, I started noticing them everywhere – in subway PSA’s, bus ads, and online.

My favorite lecture was from Commissioner Victor Calise, of the Mayor’s Office of People with Disabilities. One of their office’s goals was to make more subway stations handicap accessible. This is a daunting goal, especially with NYC’s outdated subway system but Victor explained how he was in contact with Governor Andrew Cuomo and made all the stops on the new 2nd Ave Q line accessible. Victor also reminded me that when we talk about diversity, people with disabilities are often left out. Many of the staff at MOPD are disabled: Victor’s legs are paralyzed, one staff has a Morse keyboard, and on of MOPD’s interns was legally blind. It was encouraging to see NYC be so inclusive of people with disabilities and the week after Victor had his speaker series, there was even a disabilities parade.


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