Wrapping Up | #5

As the summer ends, my internship has been a deeply rewarding experience, challenging on both a personal and professional level. Through my internship, I created a cardiac safety project management website to ensure user accessibility and efficiency. I learned a comprehensive overview of all aspects of a clinical study trial including client communication and documentation management. As my internship progressed, I heightened my writing and communication skills to aid in my professional endeavors, helping to perform my duties more effectively. By working in an interconnected global company, I helped to create change through different offices even as an intern. I gained real world experience in a potential career field, aiding me in my future internships and applying my academic experience in a real world setting. By interacting in a corporate environment, I learned proper work etiquette and business skills. My internship has heightened my interest in business and project management, helping me to learn what I like and dislike about the industry. 

Some advice I would give to another student planning to do an internship in project management is to always overdeliver and communicate with your manager/supervisor. Ask for feedback and meet with your manager weekly to update them on your progress on certain tasks. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over my internship is to seek out help and take up more responsibility than you have been assigned. I am appreciative of the opportunity I’ve had to work in project management this summer and look forward to keeping in touch with everyone I have met.

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