Informational Interview 1

I connected with my direct supervisor because this is the second time I have worked with him. Three years ago, I interned at another company where he works at. Back then, he was not my direct supervisor, but we were in the same group. Thus, we have known each other for a while, and he has been in this industry for over 5/6 years. We often have coffee chats in the afternoon, and I asked him many questions about this industry and his advice for my future career.


I gained insights of what this industry does and what specifically he does. He has worked in four different companies so far, and his wife is a PR. He told me what does his wife normally do and PR’s average salary in Shanghai. He also shared some of his working experience in four different companies. Recently promoted to group manager, he recalled when he first entered into society. His boss asked him to do very small tasks, and he didn’t do it well because he overlooked some details. His boss said if you cannot even do small jobs well, how can you handle the big task.  Thus, he taught me that I have to be very detail-orientated no matter what I do. He said throughout the years, he found out that lots of interns and co-workers are not detail-orientated. On top of that, he suggested me not go back to that company once I just graduated because that company does not fit for new graduates. He also told me that I don’t necessarily have to be in this major to enter finance-industry. He has met many people from the various background, so he encouraged me to try to look for jobs in finance-industry as well. He thinks the best and quickest way to learn and apply is to enter the industry. I have decided to apply to those companies that he recommended and give a try.

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