Informational Interview 2

I also connected with a corporate PR. The reason why I choose him is that I wanted to know more about PR industry as well. We have similar major, and he works in a company that I am very interested in. I am thinking about applying that company soon, so I wanted to know more about it.


I have learned that in his company, PR does not do all the things that PR in small companies would do. That company has 7 big groups, and each group has a size equal to a small firm. Thus, each group has their own PR. He works for the headquarter. In headquarter, there are at least four different PR groups operates on the different task, which means each person has very specific tasks. For instance, his team is responsible for writing speeches for the CEO and management group, including preparing briefing books and building an internal speech platform for workers at that company. Sometimes, his team would assist other groups if needed, such as organizing event, business trips, and etc. However, they are not responsible for talking to journalists, reporters and so on. He generally informed me the basic tasks and responsibilities of some of the group so that I know which group fits me better.  Also, he told me that it is normal to work overtime in that company, but their schedule is very flexible. They don’t have set working hours. Therefore, you can go in very late. The working environment is very different from most of the companies in China. People call each other by their name or English name. They don’t emphasis their title and the hierarchy within the company.


After talking with him, I think I am very interested in applying his company, and at the same time, I gained knowledge within the company already. It will be beneficial to my interview, and also I know exactly which groups should I apply to.

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