Introduction to my Internship | #1

Fresh off my study abroad trip in Japan, I came back to New York City ready to make an impact as a Social Media Intern with Engel Entertainment. I worked with a production company before so I knew what to expect. This time I am working more closely with social media and marketing.

My first day was very busy and hectic since I was giving a very time consuming task… to watch all Engel Entertainment content. That sounds good to me! It was important that I familiarize myself with their brand and content in order to properly strategize social media. Most of Engel’s content comes from Lone Star Law, North Woods Law, Catching Odell and a few documentary films (Lone Star and North Woods is there bread and butter though).

A highlight of my first day was when I met the man in charge, Steve Engel. He walked towards me standing at around 6’3. I nervously stood there waiting for his first words. He kindly introduced himself and told me his door was always open. I really appreciated that and planned to have a one on one with him in the future.

Overall, my first day was great in learning about the company and the people there. I hope to learn and grow more!

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