Penultimate Week | #5

There is just one week left here in Buenos Aires. The time went by much faster than the first time I visited, granted this time was only for 6 weeks, but I am still dumbfounded.

I like to believe every decision that I make positively affects me. Regardless, if it was deciding to come to Buenos Aires for 6 months or getting a bad haircut after high school that I will alway regret, every decision helps me learn and grow.

I realize that journalism isn’t my dream job. I love writing, but I don’t like the large edits and lack of creative ability. Creative writing is a hobby of mine, but it’s much more enjoyable for me. I appreciate being able to explore the world and be kept up to date on international news, but journalism in Buenos Aires or Ann Arbor is not for me.

After all of the changes in my internship, the article process is a lot more tedious and painstaking. I wish I could help with the editing and the other necessary processes, but I use my time to build a successful Upwork career.

I’ve been offered a couple of jobs as I wait for my next article to be posted. I am excited to see where all my experience takes me in the world. I have high hopes for my career choices in both communications and Spanish.

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