The Finale

It’s my last day here in DC, and I officially have the “nostalgic” feel over my last 12 weeks here in the Nation’s capital, working for the Justice Department. A long time ago, I heard that sometimes time flies because we aren’t filling our day with things to do, we’re just letting time pass by. Many summers of mine seemed to fly by because I’d be doing the same thing every day without a lot of variety to it. However, I can say only the opposite for this summer. From the first day on the job to now my last night here writing, my internship has kept my schedule packed and the more I think back about what I’ve done, the more I realize just how busy I kept myself. My first day moving into my apartment, meeting my fellow interns, my first subway ride, having my parents send me off into the city, there have been just a plethora of things I have had the opportunity to do that I just would not have had otherwise.

Right around 2 o’clock on my last day, I got called in to do an exit interview and talk about what my boss thought of my work, and what I thought of my time at the Office of Foreign Litigation. During the interview, I had learned that the position had essentially been created for me, and that they were so happy with my performance that they intended to carry my position forward into the next year and had even opened the opportunity to bring me back on next summer. After hearing that, I got very excited about the opportunity to be back in DC, although hopefully next summer will have me at a different branch of the DoJ.

However, as far as the certain future is concerned, I am much more excited to get back on campus and put the experience I gained this summer to work in my classes, internship hunt and everything else the new school year is going to give to me. Now, I can completely recommend (if anyone would need convincing) to go to wherever their heart desires next summer, and shoot for that job or internship they want, no matter how far the odds. My summer basically came by perfect storm, and my experience isn’t limited to me. Michigan is full of the leaders and best and I know, just like this summer (so many “Go Blues!” in the DC streets) I know next summer DC will be full of the next batch of Michigan interns.

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