2nd Month Complete

Hi Everyone,

My second month has been filled with many new experiences, and figuring out how to navigate myself throughout the office. This month I have been doing a lot of trading review which is something I liked a lot more and is something that interests me more. We have been trading on Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade platforms. When we trade it just depends on where our client money is at, and for use to execute the trades with all the correct numbers. We put the trade review in, and then double check it.

Also, something else I have been doing is helping with an internal audit we are conducting because since we are becoming a bigger firm. We have almost 40 million dollars under management. We must check that we have all the proper documents on file for when the SEC comes we are prepared, and won’t be penalized. This is something that has been split of into teams, and each person has a certain amount of files to go through. I was in charge of helping put the file recorder in place with proper specifications. This month I have been learning a lot more, and been doing more things that have been of my interest so I am happy.

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