Beyond Public Relations | Informational Interview #2

For my second informational interview, I chose to contact someone I was introduced to through a previous campus ambassador program, but have not been in touch with for some time.  She worked as the head marketer for a very successful fashion fitness company, but left the company and now does more freelancer work.

Although my summer as a Public Relations intern was not as fulfilling as I had hoped, I am still interested in understanding other areas of marketing and advertising, as I think I may be able to find a specific path that I would succeed in and enjoy.  In addition, this contact is someone that I believe could point me in the right direction.

After speaking with her, I learned that she had been at several different companies, both big and small, working in various positions, some which she valued more than others.  What I mostly took away, however, was that the marketing industry is a constantly competing and changing business.  It is an industry that keeps everyone on their feet and at the top of their games.  This information excited me; with my personality, and working experience, I still think I may find a career in marketing, just maybe not Public Relations.

To finish on an even better note, she was very happy I contacted her and even proposed working opportunities for the future. 🙂

One thought on “Beyond Public Relations | Informational Interview #2

  • August 29, 2017 at 1:50 pm

    Great to hear that future opportunities may arise from this conversation!


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