Blog 3: Value of Diversity

Growing up in the city of Vancouver I have come to value diversity heavily. In my high school graduating class there was at least one student born in every continent (excluding Antarctica, obviously). This exposure to diversity early in my life showed me the advantages that it brings, especially for places like the workforce. Diversity promotes inclusion in the workforce which in turn improves results and creates a better work culture. As I talked about in blog 2 work culture can ultimately make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful company. Diversity is not always characterized as individual and group identities but can also be exemplified by things such as cognitive thinking, experience, and relationships. Diversity comes in all shapes and sizes because after all no two people on this earth are the same.

One part of my identity that has surprisingly been helpful while navigating this internship is the fact that I am Canadian. I have been able to pass on information to my American co-workers about how certain Canadian athletic clothing companies have run their businesses as well as explained to them what the Canadian market is like and what would need to be done in order for Valiant to enter and be competitive. Although the entrance to the Canadian market may be a few years off it is exciting to be able to help Valiant grow on an international level.

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