Blog 4: Check-In

Looking back at the midpoint in my internship with Pregenzer Baysinger Wideman & Sale, I would say now that I have acclimated and gotten used to my environment, my previous goals accurately described my experience.  After thinking about whether or not I would re calibrate my goals or change them based on what I know or have been through now, I would say that I was pretty spot on to begin with.  The goals I have now still mirror the ones I had when I first started the experience at this law firm.  I have basically fallen into a very similar role to the one that I had originally seen myself in as well. so I must have had a pretty good idea of what was going to happen with my experience going into it.  At the mid way point, I had been doing a great job of overall being a diligent, obedient, and available worker for the firm.  I came in every day ready to learn something new and I think I was refreshing to have around the office, being the youngest person in there and eager to learn and be more excited about it than the normal people and clients day in and day out.

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