Blog 4: Midpoint Evaluation

When I first decided to pursue this internship with Valiant it was because I wanted to work with a company that focused on things that interest me. Now that I am almost done with this internship I have learned the importance of that decision. So far at Valiant it has not felt like work to me. Like I stated in blog 1 athletics, clothing, sales, and marketing was the reason I chose to work with Valiant and I have not regretted it. I came into the internship with a strong knowledge of athletics and athletic clothing but little knowledge/experience with sales and marketing. That has slowly changed over this summer as I have begun to develop these skills by working with and learning from my co-workers while working on different projects. One of my main goals for this summer was to be able to translate the things I’ve learned in the classroom to the workforce and to some extent I think I have achieved this. However, I have learned that in order to truly learn how to work and succeed inside a company you need to have some hands-on experience. It is great to have all the tools but until you learn to utilize them you will not know how to work for a company!

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