Blog 5: Overcoming Obstacles

Before I get into obstacles I have had to overcome this summer I would first like to discuss how obstacles have helped shaped my attitude. Being a college athlete I have had to overcome my fair share of obstacles to get to the University of Michigan. I am very lucky to have grown up in a loving environment so outside of my sport I have not had to overcome many obstacles. However, in my sport I have had to battle and it is because of this that I have come to appreciate, and sometimes, welcome obstacles. If I went through this whole summer at Valiant without any obstacles then I would never learn anything and this internship would essentially be a waste.

One obstacle that sticks out for me this summer is trying to come up with a unique idea for athletic clothing that people had not seen before and would love. With retail giants such as Nike and Adidas it is very hard to compete without impressive products and one of my jobs is to try and design these products. Having never done this before I originally found this difficult and struggled out of the gates. However, as my knowledge and imagination has grown I have begun to improve and have come up with a few cool ideas that I hope the company will use.

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